The Role of County Counsel in County Government in California: 


The County Counsel represents the County and its officials, appointed or elected, in civil litigation, including administrative proceedings.The County Counsel provides written and oral legal opinions to those individuals and also serves as legal advisor for certain County boards and commissions and some special districts. The County Counsel provides legal advice and representation in child and adult protective services actions, as well as in mental health, public guardian, and public administrator cases.

The County Counsel does not provide advice directly to members of the public.


Programs and Services:

The Office of County Counsel in Lassen County currently consists of the County Counsel and one Deputy County Counsel. There is one staff support position assigned to the department as well. As the County’s chief civil law advisor, the County Counsel works with the Board of Supervisors, elected and appointed department heads, the County departments themselves, some special districts, as well as the County Grand Jury.

Areas of the law that the County Counsel’s office has primary responsibility for advising on include matters such as: conservatorship, public administration, juvenile court warship pursuant to Welfare and Institutions code section 300, land use, Public Records Act requests, Brown Act compliance, personnel investigations and disciplinary actions, collective bargaining and M.O.U. administration, ordinance drafting and amendment, risk management and insurance, retirement and labor relations law, construction, facilities and real estate law, to name a few.

Staff attorneys from the Office of County Counsel will appear as required in Lassen Superior Court to prosecute and defend civil actions. Staff attorneys from the Office of County Counsel may from time to time appear in the California Courts of Appeal or Federal District Court as is necessary to prosecute or defend the County’s interests in civil matters. Staff attorneys from the Office of County Counsel will always be present at meetings of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors, and may be, from time to time, present at other meetings of various boards and commissions including, but not limited to, the Planning Commission, and the Assessment Appeals Board.


Mission Statement:

The mission of County Counsel is to provide quality, timely, and sound legal advice, services and representation in all civil and administrative proceedings to the Board of Supervisors, elected and appointed department heads, County departments, the Grand Jury, and required special districts.

Contact Information: 

Contact Information

County Counsel
221 South Roop St. Ste. 2
96130 Susanville , CA
(530) 251-2665