Planning and Building Services is a multi-disciplinary department providing a range of planning and development services to citizens, appointed boards, and commissions. Our Department ensures that all development is consistent with State Law, Building Codes, the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Development Code. We work together to protect life and property, while improving quality of life and the environment.

The Planning and Building Services Department serves as the land use information center for the County. For general information and Zoning requests please contact our office.  The Department functions as a professional staff to the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, and the Airport Land Use Commission and serves on a variety of Committees. The Department disseminates information to the public regarding potential development areas for residential, commercial, industrial, and resource development and management.

Our priority is to provide efficient and effective services to those we serve, citizens, business and property owners, visitors, and stakeholders. 

The Department is comprised of the following Divisions and/or functions:
Planning Division                                                                                                 Building Division
Surveyor Division                                                                                                 Code Enforcement Division                                                       
Surface Mining and Reclamation                                                                     Williamson Act (Land Conservation Act)
Natural Resources (including groundwater)

We are OPEN!

Our office located at 707 Nevada Street, Susanville, CA is open to the public. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking our visitors to:

  • Please wear a face covering when entering our building.

  • Please use Social Distancing when entering our lobby; there are decals on the floor to help maintain 6ft distance.

  • Use the provided hand sanitizer is available at the counter.

  • If you prefer, our department also has a drop box in the downstairs vestibule that is available for use.


Staff can also be reached by phone and the following options continue to be available for submitting applications to the Department:

  • Print the building permit application, complete the form, and submit it through the mail with payment included in the form of a check to the following address:
    • Planning and Building Services Department, 707 Nevada Street, Suite 5,  Susanville, CA 96130

  • There is also a drop box located in the vestibule (between the two glass doors when entering the building from Nevada Street) at the above address.  Applications that include a check for the appropriate amount can be deposited in said drop box. 
  • Print the building permit application , complete the form, submit it through the mail, and wait for the Building Division to call and take credit card payment over the phone.  Please indicate that you intend to submit payment by credit card.
  • Print the building permit application, complete the form, scan it, submit it through email to, and wait for the Building Division to call and take credit card payment over the phone.

We encourage you to call this Department at (530) 251-8269 or contact the Department by email at if you have any questions regarding our permit application process. Planning application forms can be mailed or emailed upon request.

**Please note that some planning applications also have fees payable to the Environmental Health Department (codified at Lassen County Code section 3.18.120). These fees are in addition to the application fees payable to this Department. This Department collects any applicable fees payable to the Environmental Health Department at the same time fees are collected for this Department (fees can be combined into one check if desired). **

Our Vision

We are a public service organization that puts customer service first; provides a dynamic growth-oriented work place; and contributes through creative and motivated professionals toward shaping Lassen County as a community of choice.

Our Mission

To provide technical expertise and exceptional service to citizens, government and business, applying a common sense approach, in a professional, timely and cost efficient manner.



Contact Information: 

Contact Information

707 Nevada Street Ste 5
96130 Susanville , CA
Mon - Fri:
7:00 am-12:00 pm , 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Sat - Sun:
Inspection Line
Fax Line
(530) 251-8373

Board of Supervisors Approval of Less-Than-Three-Acre Conversion

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