Applications and Process Forms

The Department of Planning and Building Services presents applications to multiple bodies including the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, Architectural Review Committee, and others. Please see applications below, and do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions on how to fill out an application or in regard to the process related to each particular application.

Planning Division

Parcel Map, Subdivision, Rezone, and Use Permit applications are usually subject to  the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and require submittal of an Initial Study Application to begin the environmental review process. Depending on the details of your project proposal, your project may be exempt, or further environmental documents may need to be prepared, and their requisite fees paid. Please consult the attached process forms and talk to a planner for more information.

Agricultural Exempt Guidelines

Agricultural Land Conservation Guidelines

Building Site Designation Form

Certificate of Compliance Process

Certificate of Conditional Use Application

Declaration Fire Safety Regulation Building Permit Requirements

Design Review Process

Electrical Service Panel Installation

EIR Process - Updated 2021

Fire Safety Summary of  Standards

Fire Safe Regulations Exception Process

General Plan Amendment Instructions and Application

General Provisions for Political Campaign Signs

Groundwater Application

Hemp Pre-Application

Initial Study Application

Legal Parcel Determination Policy

Less-Than-Three-Acre Conversion Exemption Memo

Lot Line Adjustment/Merger Process

​Parcel Map Process

Planned Development Application

Plot Plan Example

Preliminary Review Application

Rezone Process

Subdivision Process

Tentative Parcel Map Application

Use Permit Process

Well and Onsite Sewage Disposal Land Use Clearance Process

Zoning Variance Process


Building Division 

Planning a new project? Get the right answer to your questions by asking the right person.

Use this Checklist as a guideline to contact the various departments that may be involved in your project. 

Building Permit Application Process Guidelines

Building Permit Application

Building Codes and Design Criteria

Declaration Fire Safety Regulation Building Permit Requirements

Fire Safety Summary of  Standards

Fire Sprinkler Exemption  Policy (Interim) Applicable for Second Dwelling  Construction

Fire Sprinkler Process

 New House Solar Requirements

Property Owner's Package

Permitting Checklist for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment

Plot Plan Example

Required Content on Page 1 of Building Plans

Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirements

Work that is Exempt from Permit

Application for Building Permit Exemption for Agricultural Building

NOTICE to Contractors, CA Green Building Code, Waste Management Approval, January 27, 2020

NOTICE regarding Submittal of Building Permit Applications Effective January 1, 2020


Code Enforcement

Complaint Form 

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Long Valley Groundwater Management District Opening


Lassen County Board of Supervisors are accepting applications from residents of the district within Lassen County for appointment to the Long Valley Groundwater Management District. 

Interested persons should submit their application to the Lassen County Clerk, Located behind the Historic Courthouse at 22o S. Lassen St, Suite 5, Susanville, CA 96130.

See the Lassen County Clerk of the Board Website for application and more information.